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Do you think who we can attract affects who were attracted to?

In Search Of... Having a hard time forming friendships or finding companions, lovers, or associates? Is someone pursuing an unwelcome relationship with you? Talk about your experiences here.

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Old 26th February 2018, 1:19 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by LivingWaterPlease View Post

I think I get what you're saying, deb! It seems you may have found that offensive, which is understandable! But consider this; read to the end if you will.

Schools measure intellect and recognize top tier students. Top tier athletes are recognized and rewarded. Gifted (top tier) musicians are recognized for their talent. Most will work at it (train, study, whatever), but even before they receive training or work at it their gift is often recognized as top tier, and that is the reason a lot of time and money is invested; to develop their gifts.

It is my belief that gifts of intellect, athletic prowess, musical talent, artistic talent, etc., are gifts from God. I also believe physical beauty is a gift from God to be recognized and celebrated, as I believe He created us, and don't see recognition of or speaking of great beauty (top tier) as being misplaced or arrogant.

God could have created everyone to have the same level of IQ, of musical or artistic ability, of physical attractiveness, or whatever, but He didn't. He created giftedness in all of those categories and more so that it could be recognized and enjoyed!

Interestingly, and delightfully, to me, there are people who are average in appearance or less, average or less in all other ways, yet they have been gifted with an aura of comfort to be around them. Everyone loves them, they were born that way! Just to be near them is pleasant! This is a gift not necessarily given to the beautiful, the athletic, the intelligent. And it is one of the greatest gifts of all!

Bottom line, I am comfortable with admiring, recognizing and calling top tier beauty for what it is! The same goes for all other top tier gifts.

The fascinating thing is, though, it is my firm belief that every single person alive has a top tier gift! Some gifts are more noticeable than others. But I believe as we learn to know God and follow Him, He will help us discover and put to use our top tier gift to bless others. And, yes, beauty can be a great blessing for others as it is used to the glory of God!

I also believe that when a person has discovered their own top tier gift, they aren't intimidated by recognizing top tier gifts of others or speaking of it.

No matter what our particular gift is, it doesn't make any of us of more value than another! That's why I feel fine with recognizing and speaking of top tier beauty or any other gift! It's a quality to bless all of us! I love to see top tier in art, hear it in music, watch it in dance, read it in text, be near it in spirit! I celebrate top tier everything in everybody and resent it in no one, because I enjoy its presentation!

And, deb, I had signed out of LS and was heading out to do something I'm really wanting to get to. But, I had to sign back on to tell you this as it popped into my head. That is, that you, deb, seem to me to be top tier compassionate! It is a great gift you've been given, imo! To recognize and celebrate it (and I do, you are very dear to all of us, I believe, at least you are to me!) doesn't diminish anyone else, even though most of us will never possess the level of compassion you've been gifted with, I know I certainly never will! I, for one, celebrate your top tier compassion! Hugs to you, dear deb! YOU are top tier, in my book!
Minus the god bit, I totally agree with you. Some of us look like trash no matter what we do - but we have other qualities in spades. In dating, those other qualities may or may not matter, but in life in general they definitely do. Trade offs.
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Originally Posted by shoplocal View Post
Minus the god bit, I totally agree with you. Some of us look like trash no matter what we do - but we have other qualities in spades. In dating, those other qualities may or may not matter, but in life in general they definitely do. Trade offs.
Thanks for your thoughts and support, shop local! I really appreciate your kindness and that you took the time to write! It kind of made my day!
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