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what do you do when you realize you'll be single forever??

In Search Of... Having a hard time forming friendships or finding companions, lovers, or associates? Is someone pursuing an unwelcome relationship with you? Talk about your experiences here.

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Old 19th January 2018, 10:49 PM   #31
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As soon as you are okay being alone they'll come sniffing around to mess that all up
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Old 20th January 2018, 11:55 PM   #32
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What I don't get about our love lives is the bleekness of it. Its like no matter what. Life sort of does not want us to control our love lives. We keep hearing people say it will happen when it does. We go about our lives and we feel like we are still waiting on it.

Then we have others saying we have to seize the day mentality and make it happen.

For me. I am not a playboy. I really don't want to go out with lots of women. I just don't find it that interesting to me, unless there is sort of some romantic vibe between us. I have women friends to do things with, so its not like I need more women friends.

My parents met in summer of 1968 and married in Winter of 1969. I can't imagine meeting a woman and within a yr marrying her and then kids in yr 2 and 5 of being together.

Perhaps we are living in different times. I don't think I will be single forever. Its just that for some reason. Why a lot of us find it hard to connect is puzzling. Should it really be that hard. I could see when your younger, but when you get into your late 30's +. I think it should be easy.
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Old 21st January 2018, 6:36 AM   #33
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Dedicate yourself to animals.

I watch a lot of "Hope for paws" videos and might volunteer to work for them.

Oh, and enjoy it when you have big crushes....
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Old 21st January 2018, 12:49 PM   #34
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I don't think I have a problem being single. Its the dating part and asking out and trying to figure out how we connect, that is baffling to me.

One thing I am noticing about life when it comes to romance. Its like making an effort in this area of our lives, is not working for a lot of us.

I just started Intermitten Fasting and I am actually seeing results. When it comes to our love lives. I think letting go is the answer. I had a reading over the net a couple of months ago and the psychic, was dead on about what I wanted. They basically said that I should throw a way a timeline for dating and it will come in its own time. Not I have to go out there and make it happen.

Also, when I think of all my ex's. A romantic spark never happened with strangers. Always a woman that I was aquinted with for a while. So for me that going to come from Work at the Hospital, The YMCA. When ever it happens.
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Old 21st January 2018, 9:51 PM   #35
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I've been going through the same thing recently. Despite all the education and skills I have learned these past few years, it has all culminated to a high level of depression for me. As such, I have retreated back to virtually my old self - just keeping myself busy, mind off women, enjoying my hobbies, and accepting I'll never find someone.

This happiness is the easy way, but not very healthy. I'll never get anywhere in life, and unless I go out, I'll never meet anyone either. I've gone from amazing in social situations right back to my old shy introverted ways. No matter how much you think you've changed, you really are the same person you always have been - and you're really putting on a face. I seem to have trouble with emotional connections - this is evidenced by how i feel about my friends, or how I feel in the year since I lost my mom. Any deep emotion I have ever felt has been self-centered.

"doing things for you" is great....but doesn't help if it doesn't put you in others' presence.
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Old 22nd January 2018, 6:58 AM   #36
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Tasey. Sorry for the loss of your Mom. RIP. Mama Tasey.
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