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Case in point, so easy for others not me

In Search Of... Having a hard time forming friendships or finding companions, lovers, or associates? Is someone pursuing an unwelcome relationship with you? Talk about your experiences here.

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Originally Posted by mortensorchid View Post
Maybe I suffer from a certain degree of PTSD from the lashings out I have experienced. I live a very isolated life in many ways - I travel a lot as I am juggling 3 jobs and struggling to get by (substitute teaching and job coaching for 2 companies). I have pretty much given up on OLD as a means to meet someone (and after a few nightmares in the recent past I think it hammered it home). I hope that somehow I can meet a decent person going out and doing things, kind of the old fashioned way. The trouble is that I don't - arts and theater is populated by gay men. I've heard some join gyms to meet people, but that doesn't seem to happen for me as I rarely talk to others when I am there. I am involved with the community in other things but they are all populated by married couples or married people who are there without their spouses.

It's just a loosing battle in my case.
Start talking to people at the gym. Makes the workout more fun for everyone. Ask a guy for some workout tips. Dudes love that sort of thing.
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People see us in various ways. Positive or negative. Its not always universal. I got told a month ago that I would make a great husband, by a woman I am newly friends with. My ex wanted me to help her have a baby with her a couple of years ago. As she is pushing 40. I think that I come off as happy and light. I have people tell that to me all the time.

Several of my buddies were not high as a kite and happy. They were worried about aspects of their lives and the women, whoa re now their wives. Still broke through.

We are all restless in our lives. Some people are more charming in other areas of their lives than others.

I have it better in friendship/family than I do in dating. Dating = okay. I am coming to a conclusion that I am doing way to much in the dating world. Unless a woman is really making an effort to connect with me. I should really just leave it. I have had women make the move on be before. So why not leave it for awhile. The woman that I will settle down with is coming from the group that makes a move on me. Not me chasing some woman and trying to get her to like me romantically.

I don't know any guy or girl for that matter that goes on multiple dates and has to really struggle with who to pick. We meet we connect or don't connect. I personally think that mulitiple monogomus relationships is going to be the norm. Meeting someone early in your 20 till death do you part. More of an annomaly.

I have women friends so as I have said before. If I want a female perspective on anything. I just go to them.

In my pics. I'm always smiling and happy. So I don't walk around with a scowl on my face. Its very unrealistic for me and others to expect to be viewed in a roantic way at all times. There are Bills to be paid. Work/Working out/family/friends to attend to. We all can't project romantic vibes all the time.

Its like music. You like some. You don't like all. I interact with lots of women at my workplace at the hospital. There are a lot of pretty women. For me at this time in my life. Unless a woman is really showing me major interest. I don't get turned on.

A woman who wants me romantically is going to have to make some major moves on me, to turn my head. It won't me be being the driving force.

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