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She loves, she loves me not, she loves me, she has a boyfriend,she loves me

In Search Of... Having a hard time forming friendships or finding companions, lovers, or associates? Is someone pursuing an unwelcome relationship with you? Talk about your experiences here.

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Old 12th December 2008, 9:16 AM   #1
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She loves, she loves me not, she loves me, she has a boyfriend,she loves me

Hi everyone,
Its my first time ever on a forum of this category. Well it's mostly cause I am living something absoluetly new. Well here it is:
I am in my last year of high school. There is this girl I met last year(she is 1 year younger than me), I really started to appreciate her beauty and her character. But she suppsoingly had a boyfriend. She talks alot of him but mostly she compares him with me. Like last time, I am like Oh i just bought a new Montreal Canadiens(hockey team) t-shirt. And she says, oh yeah my bf too. I am like, oh i got Kostitsyn. She is like my bf too. I am like did he get Andrei or Sergei? She is like... uhhh Andrei I think. And I am like, oh I bought sergei, and she is like, Oh but I think maybe he got Sergei also. It's not the only thing. There is another one, She said thather bf lives in Saint-Sauver, 1 hour from where live.:
Me: I scored 3 goals yerterday.
She: Oh yeah well my boyfriend scored 6.
Me: What team does he play for? Cuz we might have an exibition team vs Saint-Sauveur.
She: Oh, he doesnt play hockey anymore.

Things like this made me suspicious about her bf. And she will be always staring at me, and when I look at her, she turns away pretty fast. I told my friends, and they just said waht I tought, her bf doesnt exist. One of my friends knows a friend of her. So she asked her if her bf was true and all.
Well the answer is no one knows as no one met her. But she also said that, she was very intersted in me. So I am like , what do I have to loose?
So I asked her out and she said:
I would really love too, but I already have a boyfriend and I love him.
Well that was new, as in 6 times its my first no....
Well anyways I was cool with it, I didnt want to suicide myself or kill her or anything. The Week After, I didnt talk to her alot. I've decided to hang otu with my friends in the bus. ( We are i nteh same bus, thats how we met). Well the whole week, we didnt talk at all. So the week after, last week, I sit in a 2 ppl place and put my bag on the place next to me. She comes in, and withotu asking, takes the bag and sits next to me and start talking with me. And the whole week, she talks with me. She keep starting at me and all. I am trying to forget her, but she keeps comming in my face again. And she even told her friend who told my friend that
She would really love to go out with me but she isnt ready to break up with her bf as its been like 1-2 years they went out togther.
And yesterday I was talking with my friends, I said something about my PS3 and she, was sitting the seat behind with her friend, starts telling me that I am nto modest and all. And I got angry and tell her Mind your buisness. So I tought maybe she is jsut not the right girl, but my friends tells me, that maybe it was a way to talk with me.
Anyways I have no idea what to do.
I really love her, but there is somethings she does and says that annoys me.
So what should I do?

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No, you don't really love her. You're infatuated with the thought of maybe loving her.
But don't even think about it whilst there's another guy on the scene.
Cheat on him?
She'll think nothing of cheating on you then.
Respect the guy, leave her alone, and find someone truly available.
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