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I had confessed to my long distance friend

Friends and Lovers Progressing into "Friends with benefits" and beyond: When platonic relationships become more intimate.

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I had confessed to my long distance friend

Hi, I guess my story is pretty long and complicated but I will try to keep it short.

I had met this girl 2 years ago while she was in a holiday in my country and we used to flirt a lot while she was here but I always had in the back on my mind that I can't do anything serious with her as she is just here for a holiday.

When she left the country, we used to keep in touch almost every day in a friendly way as we are having a lot of common interests, etc and I had visited her a couple of times since then and the last visit was last December and it was when I realized that I haven't got over my crush with her. (We were hanging out as friends when I visited her.)

After I had returned home, she was diagnosed with a rare serious illness and I was trying to make her feel better by giving her motivation, hope, etc. While she was ill she told me that she wants to move in my country as she is not happy with her life in her country and that gave me hope that we could be together.

A few weeks ago, she overcame her illness and on Wednesday I had confessed my feelings to her but she never replied me back. To be honest I was prepared that I could get rejected but I wasn't prepared that she would never text me back and I feel kinda lost.

I was thinking to text her again but I'm afraid that it could make things worse. Thoughts?

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You confessed your feelings over text?
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Originally Posted by Malin889 View Post
You confessed your feelings over text?

Yes but not exactly. To be honest we are chatting more from texts because as I had mentioned, she is living in a different country and our working hours and time zones are not really flexible for calls.

To be also exact, I haven't told her my exact feelings but I did told her that I like her more than a friend and that happened when she told me that her family doesn't love her and she will never find someone to love her.

Sorry for not clearing that up and I can't edit my first post.

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