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Puzzling state with girl I like

Friends and Lovers Progressing into "Friends with benefits" and beyond: When platonic relationships become more intimate.

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Puzzling state with girl I like

About 2 months ago, I met a girl in college whom I find quite cute, and we got really close together, to the point where she was at my place and we kissed and touched each other naked, but not sex. But after doing all this, she would say she shouldn't have done it because she isn't ready for a relationship and would not take me as her boyfriend. She had just broke up with her ex 1 month before meeting me and she admitted I was a rebound and she said she was tired of being in a relationship and wants me to give her some time and she would accept me as her boyfriend in the future. Recently, she told me we should hang out less often and should only see each other about once every two weeks, because she would find it annoying if she sees me everyday. There's also another guy who's gotten quite close with her, and I asked her about it, and she won't deny liking him, but she did tell me she was closer with me, and would only do the intimate things we did with me. She told me she's pushing him away because he's being quite aggressive with her, and would do the same to me if I try to squeeze into her life too. I'm quite confused to the whole situation and what I should do now. I feel like seeing her more often and not just once in two weeks. I want her to accept me as her boyfriend, and not just friends with benefits.

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She was with you because she craved physical touch. It had very little to do with you.

She doesn't want you as a BF. There is nothing you can do to change that.

She may also be pushing you away in part because you are too much of a temptation. She is also playing with fire in the form of this other boy. She may be telling you she is pushing him away because he's too aggressive, but I suspect she is flattered by the attention. Unlike her interactions with you, where she is responsible, with the other guy she can literally lie back & pretend "it just happened."
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