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was it a date, is she in to me?

Friends and Lovers Progressing into "Friends with benefits" and beyond: When platonic relationships become more intimate.

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Question was it a date, is she in to me?

Hi y'all, sorrey to disturb yer but I'm bit confused...

On Saturday I went partying to some club, there I've met a girl that I haven't seen in years, we used to grow in similar kind of people, common friends but we never used to like each other, i think.i.used to dislike her. Nevertheless she spotted me in the club and we've started to chat for a while. I even touched her on her ribs while talking to her ear to speak to her ear coz it was a bit loud, which ain't in my style. Later we split, I came back home and on the next day she invited me on Facebook (I've no idea how she found me, I'm using nickname instead of real one, and my profile pic is a dwarf taking a bath lol) and couple hours later after I've accepted her, she msg me like 'hey', then how aye em' you know regular bs. And then she ask me out to drink some beer together the next day, I agreed and the talk has stoped at some point when she asked if I know any pub with smoking allowed, so I've said no. The next day, she writes to me and we set up place and time, the thing is sorted. - While msging I was playing like if I had something to do apart from Facebook nonsense, I mean waiting like quarter an hour before I reply and then answering within next five to ten minutes. Oh, and she mentioned that she has to go back to the town where.she.lives she can meet only that day, not the other.

The 'date' - was it a date?
We met, I was five min late and then I've notice she ain't here, so I.decided go outside, at the same time she came apologizing for being late, I've said 'that's ok I was late as.well and frankly leave', I bought her and myself a pint (we ware buying each others beers, once me, then her, rounds) and we went to sit somewhere, we took some table sitting exactly in front of each other for the whole time. The talk was alright, apart from few times when I've said some nonsense which is usual for me. She was rather smiled, and often we we're looking each.other in the eyes while speaking, things I've noticed
-the way she sat was like looking likę combination of open and defensive look, like
--Closed arms both pressed On a table just under the boobs while leaning her face towards me
--Having one 'open arm' straight and the other one crossed towards it, while either tapping or rubbing her bending spot between forearm and bicep
-Few times she was rubbing her hand or wrist, hard to say I don't remember
-Two times pulling her hair back
-Oh once when she step out she showed me her new boots she bought the other day,
-touching her left ear earring
That's all I remember or I've noticed. It took 3 hours. Then I walk her to a cab and gave her a hug - I was to confused to give a kiss, and in case I was wrong I'd feel embraced among friends, after that she said I should visit here someday - and here I've failed and said - 'well, invite me there one day, surely I'll show up'. The end. Was it a date or casual friend meeting, how do you reckon?

Oh, and she said something like I've grown quite good and that I'm tall (I replied that I don't think so, rather average Joe, and she said no when compared in the club two days before among others I was tall) and she was very happy to see me the other day in the club - again weird 'coz we never befriend or been close.

She lives now quite far from our home town, in different state and I'm just thinking what to do. Cause if she's not into me I'd fool myself going there. Its not like super far, but about 150-250 miles. It was On Monday, I was thinking maybe msg her and say something like, 'hey, if ever be in our hometown and get bored let me know'huh?

How do you reckon is she into me?
If its wrong section of the forum, then pardon me

Ps I do know I'm overthinking
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You could call it a date. I don't think you did wrong by not kissing her that time though. Next time, you ask her and you pay for it so it seems like more of a real date and kiss her at the end of the night. Sorry to hear she's so far away. See how the keeping in touch goes and if it goes well, maybe you go see her or she comes there again. Good luck. She thinks you're cute now, sounds like!
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