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?? am I afraid to venture out (professionally) on my own?

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I posted once before about this. Seems like

i have a lot of intentions (don't we all) and ambitions

and dreams but I seem to accomplish them (if any)

at a snail's pace.


I do art and I do music. I know that i'm fairly good at both.

I have dreams and aspirations to one day combine both in

some sort of business.

I don't consider myself "totally awesome" but i know i can

hold my own. People have praised me, told me i'm talented,

I should do something of my own, but i take it all with a grain

of salt. I have Drive, I have conviction, I know I could

try and get my foot in the door, I just don't.


My biggest issue is "doing my own thing". By that i mean,

either putting out my own music or my own art or starting my

own business and basically STAMPING MY NAME ON IT. I think

i fear failure or mockery from friends or putting something out

and looking silly, since i've never done it before.


I find myself either helping others, or encouraging others or

trying to collaborate on music or art with others but without

much ever sprouting from those things.


Basically, i guess i try to group with others or someone else

so that if we go down in smoke, we'll go down together. I don't

know why i'm so afraid to do my own thing and be my

own representative of my own thing. I see myself having

all these ideas and all these things i'd like to try, but I

don't try them.


Just venting....

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I don't

know why i'm so afraid to do my own thing and be my

own representative of my own thing.


We all have those feelings George..... many many years ago I stated to put my stamp in the Advertising World with my own company.. It has been running for almost 28 years now and each and every day the fear of failure is still there..


It keeps me humble.. nothing like life to wake me up and remind me that it doesn't take much of a sales down turn before making payroll for the employees could be tough and I could lose it all and become a failure..


Take your ideas and start to create a business plan.. lay out exactly how you would do it, Where you would generate sales and from which markets, where you would plan on setting up shop.. etc etc..do a 5 year plan and then put it to work.


Take your plan and go get an SBA loan for a new startup..

Just do it....

Read books on starting new businesses..

Talk to your local business owners and ask them questions on how they did it..


and remember the fear of failure never goes away..


Even Bill Gates has to deal with the fears...

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I can say the same for my field. Similarly as you, i can work within a company as an employee, or be my own boss and startup my own. My field is under the design category, so it relates very much to 'self-promotion' and having a great portfolio to support your resume.


The best and easiest thing you can do is at least have your own business card. It's a great way to promote yourself (and your work), and a great way to be the social ice breaker in building connections and getting jobs.


But before you do the above. I think you should at least attempt to do your own thing and take risks on your own. even if you get burned, at least you know you really put yourself out there, and is able to climb back up and walk again.

Is life worth living if you're following someone else's dream or rather your own?

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I hear you all. What's the point of Living Life

not taking any risks. I just feel sometimes like

What is the point in putting good money into

a project that I'm Second Guessing myself on,

because i'm not sure if it's good enough or

if it reflects who I am as an artist or if it'll

make me look cheesy. I will have lost that money

if it doesn't do well. But that's the RISK you take.

I over analyze things wayyyyy too much. I worry

too much too. I worry too much about consequences.


I need to get rid of this stupid feeling that everyone

will be looking at me thru a microscope if I put something

out, mainly my friends. Who Cares if they don't like it or

if my artistic statements are rejected. At least i tried and

am trying and at least i'd be honest about what i like and

What i love. I'M Going TO DO MY THING!


Thanks Guys/Gals.

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George before you sink your life savings into something and mortgage your future away please try some smaller stuff first. Failure is part of the process of getting to success and those who succeed do in fact fail the most. It is as important to know what works as it is to know what doesn't work and sometimes it is of far greater importance to know what doesn't work.


Ya gotta be prepared for no support from anyone too. You might get it and if you do consider yourself lucky but when you venture into the unknown you'll mostly be there by yourself.


It's your dream, don't ever allow anyone to take away your dream.


PS - Overnight success usually takes about 15 years.

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