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girlfriend vs the girl down the street

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Please don't think I'm an jerk for this because I still think I will follow through....


I went out on Monday just to window shop etc. for rings to see the cost and price of them for my girlfriend that I have been seeing for over a year and a half. I was pretty much ready to even pick one up that day and was walking with a skip in my step. I was going downtown and had one of

those "give me a sign" thoughts running through my head...when...bam...I ran into someone that I hadn't thought about in a few years.


I had a crush on the girl that lived down the street from me when I was younger. I know this may make me sound like a loser but I never followed through - for 15 years it lasted. I can still remeber what she wore the first time I saw her. You see she was (and still is) rather cute and friendly and

therefore always had a guy hanging off her arm. I am somewhat shy and never thought that there would be any chance.


Back to the story.


We chatted for a few minutes and I kept laughing do to stress and the shock of seeing her, while she kept asking what was so funny. But now I am wondering - is it really a sign? or a test? I have been going mental for four days now and I can't think straight...please don't think I'm a bad guy

for this...I don't think I would have the same thing with her as I do now but it's one of those things that's just hanging in the back of my mind...you see it just always seemed to me that she keeps popping up...at my University...I was once out on a first date and she pretty much ruined it by throwing her arms around me...I just wanted another view on this and there's no one else I can talk to...I love my girlfriend and would die a thousand deaths if I hurt her. But I can't stop thinking about the girl down the street...

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You're running into this "girl down the street" is neither a sign nor a test. The two of you just happen to be in the same places from time to time. There is no significance to it whatsoever.


The significance here is that you seem very unsure of where to land your affections. Do not buy a ring or get engaged while you are waffling around in your mind about which of these two...or any others as well...you should give your affections to.


You did not say a great deal about your girlfriend except you would die a thousand deaths to keep from hurting her. But do you love her??? Do you love her enough to want to spend the rest of your life with her??? Does she treat you with kindness and respect??? Do you share a lot of experiences and opinions about things??? If the answers are yes, just forget about the "girl down the street."


It's pretty natural to have some curiosity about somebody you were attracted to but never got a chance to get to know. But once you have set your sights on someone you love and want to marry, you just need to forget about all those you never met, never got to know, or who got away. They just don't count for anything anymore...at least not in your life.

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So are you saying you clearly cannot control your emotions? That even if you were to marry the love your with now you couldn't resist some other hot pepper?


You best hide that ring way out of sight. You wouldn't want her to find it would you? You sure don't wont to pop the question with this other lady lingering in your mind.


The reason she is in your mind is just because! It doesn't mean your g/f doesn't mean anything to you. Give it some time, in a while you wont remember the other girl and you wont think about her anymore. Poof, she'll be gone. It's just a small silly phase your going through.


The fact that you asked for a sign is superstitious and only means what you want to interpret from it. It doesn't mean anything. Being superstitious I believe is just a form of entertainment. I think we all have at one time asked for a sign.

But don't get me around an owl! If I hear an owl I will run away from it climbing walls and howl like a dog to a siren, lol.

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