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In love and TORN UP INSIDE


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i'm going to try and make this short: last summer (2000) i started working with this cute guy. i didn't really think that much of him ay first because i barely knew him, and i had a boyfriend, and he had a girlfrined. but then we started talking more and i started liking him a lot. anyways, the summer was pretty much over and me and this guy were both gonna be leaving the store we were working at because school was starting. he was leaving a few days before me so on his last day there i told him to say bye to me before he left. when he was ready to clock out he let me know and we went to the back employee room together and he clocked out. then we started talking about how we'd probably never see each other again (we go to different schools) and i said that i'd miss him, then i gave him a hug and as i was letting go i told him not to forget me and i kissed him on the cheek, then he looked me in the eyes, stroked my cheek, and said that he wouldn't forget me, and then i don't know what came over me (it was probably hormones), but i kissed him right on the lips. he kissed back, but at first he was a little reserved, but the he got into it and we started making out, but soon we stopped, and we both apologized, and decided that maybe we shouldn't keep in touch like we were planning(it just would've been weird since we were both already going out with someone else).


but, even though we decided not to keep in toich i constantly bumped into him during last year and we ended up hanging out together a lot. and then he and his gf broke up and a little while later we started going out. everything was really great, and then he got into a really great college which was pretty much across the country. we decided to stay together, but about two weeks before he left i told him that we should start seeing other people. i told him that i didn't want him to be chained to me. he tried to stop me (he even cried) but i was firm. we decided to still be friends, and we did keep in touch. but i recently, have started regretting my decision. i think i'm in love with him, i'm even starting to think that he's my soulmate, it's strange i just can't explain this feeling. now, he's back in town for vacation and he wants to get together, and i do too but i don't know what to say to him. should i tell him that i want to get back together or is that a bad idea?


i'd appreciate anything you have to say, thanks. :-)

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It takes more than love to make a relationship.


He's got a lot more college to go and he will be away from you mostly a very long time.


You might give the long distance thing a try but I think you'll tire of it very quickly. When nobody's around, it's pretty easy to get lonely and start making up romance stories in your head.


Love is a decision and I think you ought to make a decision to see people who live, work, and go to school near you. When he graduates and moves back to your town, if in fact he does, then you may have something if both of you are free at that time.


Love does not possess the other. If you really love this guy, let him be free while he's in school. And, in doing so, you'll be doing yourself a very major favor.


I don't think you ought to discuss getting back together. It is virtually impossible to truly be together with somebody who will be on the other side of the country for a long time to come. Enjoy your visit with each other and enjoy your feelings for him. But try to stay real about this.


I think it's actually kind of cruel to try to nail somebody down in a long distance relationship and then have them go through all kinds of psychological trauma when they start wanting to see people who are near them. And doing so would also be very cruel to yourself.

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The only thing I would say is to do what your heart

says and not what everyone wants you to think.

If you feel like this stay close and never leave his side, so he doesnt run away like I did. when it happened to me I was in La.

now im in memphis


And she,s not calling back yet,but im waiting


for a little while longer anyway


stay happy


worry not Thomas




Bailey Jr.

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