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it is emotionally on my gf!


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Last night, i went on my computer and my girlfriend had logged out of MSN hotmail. I saw love letters to her from a lover. My heart sank so deep and I was about to go crazy.


However, we have been a part for 14 months and she just returned to US. So, just as I had lovers during this time, i think its OK for her to have them too


However, the latest Email from him mentioned that they will be eventually meeting up sometime in Jan or Feb


What should I do????


My problem is this :


how can i know to trust her going forward? and i want to confront her about it;what should i say?


thanks for any advice

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The only reason you would have to confront her is to make sure you understood these emails correctly. If, in fact, she is planning on getting together with another love in the next month or two, there is a serious trust issue.


The trust issue is that she cannot trust you since you cheated on her and you cannot trust her since she has cheated on you. What a couple!!!


Why don't you just call it quits on this one. Go out and learn some ethics and morality so you can keep your word of faithfulness in a committed relationship. Then find a lady who can also keep her word.


The relationship you're in is totally shot. Neither of you have the character and integrity necessary to conduct a respectable relationship at this time.


I would confront her, only to let her know you are aware of her cheating and make her aware of yours. Shake hands and congratulate each other on faking the other out, or at least attempting to.


Let this girl go because she isn't worth keeping...and do the work you need to do to make yourself worth keeping for the next lady you victimize...uh, I mean, uh...date.


It actually sounds like you are relieved that she is cheating on you...so you feel better about having screwed around on her.


EDITORIAL COMMENT: This is some sick stuff.

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