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Did I blow it?


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I went out with this guy three times. Each date was terrific. I really didn't have a thing for him, but by the second date, I really liked him, and I even gave him a peck on each cheek (maybe a mistake?? I don't know. Guys, what do you think?)


He acted like a perfect gentelman each time we were out. By the third date, when it was time to bid adieu, I could sense he was nervous, so I decided to lean in for a kiss on the lips this time. It lasted all but 5 seconds and it was wonderful. He said he'd call, and he DID the very next day.


So far so good. When we spoke, the convo we had was great, fun, and it easyily flowed. He said he hurt himself while playing sport, etc, so no definate date was set to see eachother again, although he kept hinting that if he stayed home that day, he'd be bored. After which I responded by asking him what his plans were for the rest of the day. He said, "why, did you want to do something?" I said, well, no, if you're not up to it, due to your injury.." So, we talked a little more, he said he'd give me a call, and !poof! it's been 4 days now, and I haven't heard from him.


What could have possibly happened here? Do I call? Deep down inside, I know I shouldn't. I feel that we both like eachother, simply because I can just be myself around him, and this is precisely what attracted me to him in the first place. And it is what I feel is the case. I'm 32 he's 30, so the maturity level is there.


I know he likes me. There was def. chemistry both physically and mentally when we went out, and I felt completely comfortable with it.


With him, I didn't feel like I did with past lovers or boyfriends, where I was always on edge, wondering and hoping when they would call, afraid to miss there calls, (EVER), or having to put up pretenses. I felt totally and completely relaxed around this guy, but now, I'm wondering just how interested he really is. Short of something drastic that may have happened, why the heck didn't he ring me yet?????


Now I am faced with nothing but doubts - about me, about him, about the whole darn thing. Or, am I just pushing the panic button a little too soon here?

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No reason to push the panic button. If things are meant to be they will happen.


In your last conversation, he said he would call you so you should leave it up to him to call.


Three dates does not qualify as a committed relationship so he is not obligated to call you if he doesn't care to. But I'm sure he will at some point. It seems you're now obsessing about this guy the same way you described you have with guys in your past. That's really too bad.


If he calls, great. If he doesn't, just move on. I don't think the association lasted long enough for you to be devastated.


Whatever you do, don't call him. It's a man's place to call anyway and particularly after he has said he would.


In another matter, I think you will find you will have much better success in romance if you take just a bit more time before you make a decision on whether you really like somebody or not.

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I'd like to thank you for your thoughtful response.


You are right. He said he would call, and I will just leave it up to him. I guess I just needed to hear that. Thanks.


I try not to obsess too much. But, when the guy drops hints about "future dates", it's kinda hard not to feel that rush, you know what I'm saying? But, you're right. Obsessing sure ain't gonna get me too far. I'm def. busy going about my own business, for sure.


I don't think the association lasted long


enough for you to be devastated.


True also. While not devestated, I guess highly disappointed. But, like you said, you move on.


Again, thanks for taking the time to respond. I really do appreciate it.


Happy Holidays to you.

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Hello dreamgirl,


Just wait it out. One thing about sports guys is that they can be very non-personal. I say that because they are used to "dating" girls that they'd had by the first date.


You appear to somone of quality and arent' into the sex fling instant romance that the sprots guys are. Be glad this guy didn't call and find some non-sports educated man man to date and possibly to marry. Do take it slow though.





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