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Hallo, i met somebody after a 6m break up.


i live in Europe, and he lives abroad (home, Africa). He came last friday for work to Europe. Both of us went on saturday to concert and we met there. It's really amazing for both of us. we saw each other and fehlt we know us for a long time. We just dance one time and he we went at 4:00Am to home, and i went later. He gave me hist tel. to call him on sunday but i didn't do, On monday he surprised me and came to my work. I didn't told him where i work, he just asked and came, and i was so happy. we met at night, it was really a great happy outgoing. We have arranged to meet tonight. He is going to leave tomorrow. U know he said to me, "as he saw me for the first time he fehlt that i know this girl , but i don't know where? What does it mean???????? we don't know each other but we fehlt so. The problem is he is going to leave tomorrow, i don't know how to act???I'm afraid to do anything??? Do u think that is it or it just temporary feeling.???? Oh god what do i do??????

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There are certain people you meet that you just click with and get that feeling you've known them a long time. That's chemistry. The feeling is probably due to the fact that you share many views and have much in common.


Sometimes two people who are exceptionally needy or vulnerable can share those feelings. It is then a matter of timing and probably wouldn't have occurred if the meeting had taken place a month or two before or after.


There are certain people who believe in reincarnation, that we come back as other people after our death, and they would tell you that we knew these people we get these feelings for in another lifetime. I don't share that belief in reincarnation but if I did I would want to meet new people next time...I don't care a lot for reruns.


The feeling is nice and often forms the basis for a long term relationship but otherwise it's meaningless. Heterosexual men can have that feeling for other men as well and straight women can also have that feeling for other women.


It is a sign that you should explore the relationship and see where it goes. But it is NOT a sign that you are certified by the heavens and the universe to be meant for each other for all time and that it's just fine to hop in bed with each other.


I get this feeling from time to time. It probably has happened to me so far maybe ten or more times in my life. That's proof to me that the first such encounter had no other meaning than what I stated above.


If the two of you lived in the same town, it would certainly be worth carrying forward to see where it goes. As far as how to act, you should act as if you didn't have this feeling. Base yourself in reality and understand that he is leaving, going, bye bye.


If in the future it is highly possible the two of you can be together to get to know each other better, then you should continue communicating via email and phone. If the two of you will be forever separated and neither of you is willing to move where the other lives, then both of you are wasting your time if you expect romance out of this.

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