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!!!!!! girl trouble!!!!

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ok there is this girl that i work with and i like her alot. I am kind of shy so i realy dont talk to her but one night one of the guys had a party and i strated to talk to her. The night went pretty good.


The next day at work i find out that that day is her last day so i talk to her a little bit as she was clocking out. I said we should do somthing some time, you should give me your # and she said yes but i had to get back to work before she could give me it. 10 mins later she finds me in the back of the work place and says hey u never got my #.


Now she is in her second year of collage and i im jr in high school and this was no new info to her. I wonder when 2 call her. It was 2 before x-mas so i thoght i should wait till after x-mas right? so i tex her the day after x-mas and she call back (i could not get to my cell in time) and left mesage saying she is out of town and i should call her when she gets back which was that friday. so newyears eve night i call her at like 12 30 to ask her were she is at and want she is doing. it was a short call but at the end of it she said to give her a call sometime. so the next day i call no answer and no call back. 3 days pass. i tex her, no answer, the next day i call no answer. I left a mesage on her cell to give me a call back. 4-5 days pass no call. so i tex her that said cant this wait? just for fun and she tex me back sayingthat she is sorry for not calling back and that she has been busy with school. I tex back thats right u never did call me back and that was the last talk to her 4 like 3-4 days and i call her no answer again.


Am i just to young? people say i look 18 or 19. or does she just not like me? or did i call and tex to much? or did she lose her cell? want in the hell is going on ? i cant stop thinking about her want do i do now??????? HELP!!!!!

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