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This girl is giving off weird vibes

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2 hours ago, kooltk1 said:

. Her boss whos a friend of mine told me that her and her boyfriend were gonna be at the bar tonight

She has a BF?  Who is Frank? Please don't invite yourself to women's homes. 

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4 minutes ago, kooltk1 said:

And how would I show this moving forward?

Ask her out in an environment where you are away from the bar, away from your guys friends, and away from the alcohol. You basically are just a hang out buddy at this point. 

And if you are going to suggest going to a house invite her over to your place. You aren't her boy toy so don't invite yourself over to her home.

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10 minutes ago, kooltk1 said:

It seems like she usually deflects to "go out"

Then she isn't that interested. 

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6 hours ago, basil67 said:

Imagine what her friends will say when she tells them you sent this text 🙀

But even if we leave the obvious innuendo out of it, still don't invite yourself to the home of a woman you barely know

Yes sounds rather like I'd love to come back and play with your pussy 🐈😂

I think though to be honest it doesn't matter how shy she is, if she was really into you beyond a time pass she would have invited you in by now or at least moved things forward a bit.

I also think it's a bit weird and a bit orbit-y walking her home all the time, you have nominated yourself as her walking home buddy basically and it's slightly creepy. In future I would refrain from this, wish her a good night at the bar and head back to yours. Leave a bit of mystery, don't get too involved until the situation actually merits it.

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