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I’ve been working with this girl for 4-5 months. The last month and a bit I would say our “friendship” has changed a bit.

It started when she sent me a picture the bar we work at took of me and said hot. We talked a bit on instagram every once a while. She messages me calling me pookie and invited me to her birthday dinner saying she’d love it if I came. I went to her dinner but couldn’t go out for drinks and she seemed disappointed.

3am that same night she sends me a video one of her friends took at the dinner that had me and her in it and says you’re so handsome wtf (she was drunk when she sent it).

I give her my number and we text a bit. Basically just messaging to see to go out with our other friends.

So I’m already starting to think she likes me but not sure. We both go out st patty’s and she gets a little tipsy. We hangout the rest of the night with a few other people. One of the other guys with us (drunk) says if I were to have a kid I’d want it to be like me, the girl in question says if I was going to have a kid it would be with me. I look at her and she starts giggling and says you didn’t hear that. 

The next day she texts that she hopes I have a good day at work and that she’s going to bring me coffee for dealing with her and her drunk friends.

She then asks what year I was born, of course I know what she’s doing, those dumb astrology compatibility tests which she was.

Today she plans to go to Launchpad with some friends. I go and my guy friend says some stupid s*** that he wishes we were roommates so that he could come into my room at night and sleep with me. The girl says can I be a roommate?

She has called me hot, cute and handsome quite a bit as well and was pretty touchy when she was tipsy on st patty’s.

So I’m pretty sure I know her intentions but I also work with her and to be honest I’m completely clueless and an idiot when it comes to girls. I’m not sure if it’s just her personality. Any opinions?

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There's only one way to know for sure.  You have to take your shot.  Ask her out on a date.  Go easy on the booze. 

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She's almost certainly making a play for you. I would respond by asking her out on a date (perhaps very clearly, using the word date).

Even if you don't fancy some kind of response so she knows this might be in order.

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