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Flagging the Same Post Twice When No Response from Moderator

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This is a question for the moderators.  If someone flags a post with a message to the moderators, but receives no response from a moderator and notices the flagged post still remains as it, are we allowed to flag the same post again?  I am assuming a moderator read the first flag as the system did allow me to flag it again.

I was just about to hit send on my second flag, but then I thought that may not be allowed, so thought I'd check.

Happy Holidays and thanks!!

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Hi @poppyfields , thanks for raising the question.   I can't comment on any particular post, but can give you a generic answer.

Under the previous LS website, I seem to recall that if you flagged a message a second time, you received an automatic response saying that you'd already flagged it.  Not sure if it's the same on this updated website.  However if you want to try again, feel free to do so and to add any extra thoughts you have on the issue you're seeing.

If the issue still remains, feel free to contact us directly on https://www.loveshack.org/support/ to talk about your concern.

 As you're likely to be aware, all the mods are volunteers and can get caught up with other parts of life, especially so during the holiday season.  It can take a while to get through reports, so we thank you for your patience.


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On 12/23/2020 at 2:16 PM, poppyfields said:

If someone flags a post with a message to the moderators, but receives no response from a moderator and notices the flagged post still remains as it, are we allowed to flag the same post again?

Thanks for the question!

When you flag a post, it goes into a queue that's visible by all moderators and remains in there until we mark the flag as resolved. Even once it's marked as resolved, all moderators can still see all past flags and reopen them if necessary. If you flag a post multiple times, or multiple people flag a post, they all end up in the same place for us to look at and address (it doesn't create duplicate entries in our queue). Flagging a post essentially creates a space for us to discuss internally on how to proceed, like a mini thread. There is no way currently for you to see whether or not your flagged post has been viewed by a moderator.

Moderators can see whatever comments you entered when you flagged the item, and the option you selected as your reason. If you'd like to add additional comments, you can do so by flagging again. I think the system will limit the number of times a person can flag the same thing within a period of time to prevent it being used as a method of spam or abuse, yet if you get an error message that stops you, you can always reach out to us privately, especially if you'd like a response.

Often, two or more moderators may be actively discussing the matter, or looking into whatever the flag is pertaining. We'll be looking at the entirety of a thread for context, and we tend to be cautious about taking hasty action without checking in with other moderators, so when things aren't immediately clear, it can take a bit of time as we wait for another volunteer to log in and add their voice, or as we do any necessary reading and research.

We wish that it were easier to respond to folks who have flagged something as a form of acknowledgement and we've asked our developers to look for a manner in which to do that, yet unfortunately there's no existing mechanism in which we can send a quick reply that remains visible to all moderators. Rest assured though, your flagged posts are appreciated, received, and thoughtfully considered, and we'd prefer to receive too many than too few.

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