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Domestic abuse: Killers 'follow eight-stage pattern', study says


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Criminology expert Dr Jane Monckton Smith found an eight-stage pattern in 372 killings in the UK.

The eight steps she discovered in almost every killing were:


  1. A pre-relationship history of stalking or abuse by the perpetrator
  2. The romance developing quickly into a serious relationship
  3. The relationship becoming dominated by coercive control
  4. A trigger to threaten the perpetrator's control - for example, the relationship ends or the perpetrator gets into financial difficulty
  5. Escalation - an increase in the intensity or frequency of the partner's control tactics, such as by stalking or threatening suicide
  6. The perpetrator has a change in thinking - choosing to move on, either through revenge or by homicide
  7. Planning - the perpetrator might buy weapons or seek opportunities to get the victim alone
  8. Homicide - the perpetrator kills his or her partner, and possibly hurts others such as the victim's children


"The only instance where a stage in the model was not followed was when men did not meet stage one - but this was normally because they had not had a relationship before,"

"We've been relying on the 'crime of passion, spontaneous red-mist' explanation [of killing] forever - and it's just not true", Dr Monckton Smith (said)"


Read more here.

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Thank you for posting that, Elaine. It's fascinating stuff, particularly the 'moving on' stage where it probably appears to outsiders that the threat is over.

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For someone getting involved with a single mother, would this be a worry,


the jealous ex-husband, either being a threat to her or the new guy she has taken up with.


no history of previous abuse, however the ex-husband is known to be a fiery type who is still very much involved in her life.

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