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Physically abusive father


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Hey guys, i know i wasnt here for a period. I wanted to, first of all, thank you for taking the time to reply. It means a lot to me. NoGo and major merrick, i am sorry about what you went through but at the same time i am happy that now all of that is behind you. I really am. I wanted you all to know that i have cut him off. I moved out and now i am speaking only to my mom. She decided to stay but now my brother is there so i dont worry much about here. Life is getting better, and yes i know that finding a man is not the answer so until somebody worthy comes along, ill stay single. Im ok with it. Thnx again guys


I am so glad you made the decision to save yourself. You've done the hardest part. Get through the transition, and life does get better. The more determined you are to succeed, the more you will make it a reality. Effort and strength pays off. Later on once you are secure and better established, you will find someone you can love and trust.

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