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Self abuse?


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Well, if you're smart you'll refer her to services and disengage, assuming you're not already in over your head. If cutting is the only symptom you've observed, it's probable that you're only seeing the tip of the iceberg. It's often associated with (a symptom of) borderline personality disorder, but while a lot of BPDs cut, many cutters are not BPD. Still, BPD is the first thing I'd suspect and I'd be looking to see if there are more symptoms. If you've just recently started seeing her, you're probably in the idealization phase –– the part where they mirror to secure attachment. Because it's not always linked to BPD though, the APA will probably be giving cutting or self-harm its own diagnosis in the next edition. But any way you slice it (no pun intended) this is not good news. Educate yourself and make good decisions.

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