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Is it common for women to have lesbian affairs and still be straight?

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Last year I had a lesbian affair with one of my good friends. We both tried it for the first time and really like it for the time it lasted. The circmustances were a bit strange though because we had both been hurt deeply by the same man (I had gone out with him first, then he dumped me for my girlfriend, but later he left her too)and it was as if we needed to protect ourselves from the deep wounds this man had inflicted upon us. Actually, it was me who came to her and helped her get over him and while I was comforting her things just evolved from there...


Later though, there came a point when I became repulsed and disgusted with her, then literally over one night I decided to end it. It had gotten to the point where she was doing everything I did: learning the same stuff, reading the same books,wearing the same perfume, following my cooking style ect. I guess I had really wanted to see what my ex-boyfriend had seen in her and it was out of curiosity more than anything else that provocked me to have the affair with her.


I think that she might really be a lesbian now because it has been over a year since she has had any other sexual contact and when I visited her the last time I felt that she was still attracted to me. Another strange thing is that she got really upset with me when I confessed to her that I had told one of our good friends that we had been in a lesbian relationship. I don't understand how it is possible for an adult woman to live in isolation without sex. (She told me she doesn't even masterbate anymore)


Have other women had similar "one time" lesbian affairs like myself? Am I normal?

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I think you are quite normal.


Most of my previous girlfriends are bi-sexual or have had a lesbian experiences or are curious.


As far as i know, it is very common.


I dont think it is anything to be ashamed of (most guys get a kick out of it!)


have fun.

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