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Infidelity and abuse, which one is worse?


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Well benpom, that a bit like asking someone "would you like to be shot or electrocuted?"


Both have a pretty $h!££y end result.:rolleyes:


The difference is that one is overt and the other is covert.


It seems to me that if a guy slaps you around, you know about it and you have the option as to what you do about it.


If someone cheats, you are denied informed choice until DD (if you get one). And during the life of the affair you can have your family assets siphoned off by the WS, your home violated, be put at risk for an STD, be made to look a fool etc etc.


If I had a choice I'd take the abuse any time (and it would be the last thing he did do :mad:)

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The lesser of either evil is an unhealthy mindset.


A healthy answer would be.. I have a choice and respect this life I lead. Then ease on down the road.


Aries said it best each time.

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