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For How long...

Mr. Kola

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If a lady doesn't trust you, there's got to be a good reason. I know the people I don't trust give me good reasons for not doing so. Maybe there are things about yourself you can work on.


I have a hard time trusting you because you keep changing your tune about this issue. In your original post, you made it very clear that you were pissed because you had done so many things for this lady and she wouldn't have sex with you.


Now it's a trust thing. Anyway, I hope this works out for you. But the odds are that if you stay the same, this girl is going to walk away again.


I'm sure you are a pretty decent guy. You've just got more testosterone than you need to be carrying around at the moment.

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U'r SO strange!


Do you realize she might get pregnant???


Do you realize she might just not want to risk having kids right now??


u sound crazy to me... read up on some love stories ... maybe u'll understand more..

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And to all of you , who have put me down or called me a pri*k, F**K Off, and have wonderful life.


i understand that you're not feeling the best in this relationship right now, but sometimes you've gotta be cruel to be kind.


the implications from the first post were that you were dumping her because you felt used and you weren't getting paid back in sexual favours and the way you spoke about her was nothing short of horrible. well, when you read a post like that, it fires some people up (most people). to be honest, pr*ck did pop into my head too, but when i read your further posts i can fully understand why she wants to hold off. i hope you can understand and respect that too.


3 months isn't a long time to earn someones trust, especially when she knows she's made mistakes in the past. while it can be frustrating, you have to accept that. and dumping her and criticising her has probably made that a bit harder for now. i hope you can see that.


i feel you're on a better wicket than you realise here. she obviously doesn't want to jump in and make mistakes. i'd take it as a compliment if a guy was acting this way towards me and didn't want to repeat the past.


don't blame her for how you feel. if you really feel that much for her, persevere and just ride it out, but don't put s*** on her, because it isn't fair.


don't take things so personally, and you won't feel so bad.

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