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I fell in love with a woman would came for a mentally abusive relationship


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I'm gasping for air and I need some help. I have meet a beautiful, successful, educated, woman and one of the best mothers I've ever seen. Everything's been great, almost perfect. At first I didn't notice anything wrong but as time has gone on I have notice that she is controlled by her soon to be ex husband. I know getting getting involved with a woman going through a divorce is not a good thing. It happen sorry. It's amazing even after he left her with a 26 year old woman and he's 50 years old, she stops everything at his beckon call. We planned a weekend getaway for Labor Day weekend and had to cancel because he never returned her call about the arrangement with her son. We have to stay around the house the whole entire weekend and eat every dollar that we paid for the the resort we were going to stay at. On Sunday here came home from his father and started asking questions about her and I. On the Tuesday the narcissist ******* call her and tell her that he's seeking custody of her son . She asked me too stay until the divorce is over. I'm a 6 foot 4 240 pound man I've played college football and been to war I'm afraid of no man but I also know if I confront him this will make the situation worse. It's amazing how much control someone has over somebody. What I'm asking y'all should I stay or should I run

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