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Its a saddening thought.

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I thought it about time I changed my name, heartbroken seems like such a weak statement.


Anyway, as some of you may have followed some of my postings down the page, you will know my romantic situation.


Having spent the best part of 2 years living with this girl, we are now hopefully going through a positive transformation in regards to how we see each other.


I think it better to leave a bit of space betweeen us at the minute, because its something we haven`t really done right when maybe we should have.


Now though I am looking at the prospect of no personal contact with her until the weekend - which is a long way off, and I have a lot of anxieties with regards to this. I will be working 15hr shifts tuesday to thursday and the prospect of not seeing her is getting me down. The longest we have been apart was a week, when I had to go to Scotland to be with my dad in hospital, but that was different as to me its a naturally more urgent thing than day to day life.


I am fearful of over crowding her with too much contact at present, but do not want to be cut off completely.


What do I do, do I leave her to call me or do I call her, do I send her a message letting her know that my thoughts are with her?


After spending so much time with her, I have noticed only too well how it is to be without her.


Any ideas I`m at a loss. Thanks

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Of course you should call her. You love her don't you? Why would you not call her? She may be thinking that you don't want to hear from her. I'm sure she loves you very much and maybe just needed a little space. Don't play games. Saying hello to someone is not smothering them, it's just letting them know you are on their mind. If you feel a phone call is too much, then drop her an email. If she really loves you, then believe me when I tell you it will be greatly welcomed. Putting too much time between 2 people can sometimes put too many negative thoughts in their head as to how the other might be feeling. Why have unnecessary tears when you both really care for each other. I hope you two find your way.

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