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Does anyone know?

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I started dating a girl, and we tried to make love the other day, and I was not getting a good erection. The story with me is that I am drinking anti-depression medications, and finally in 4 months, I am feeling like myself again, but if these meds keep interefing with my sexual arousal, I really would not like being on them for long. I dont know what to do. If I drop these meds, I am afraid my depression might come back, and mess me up more. According to my doc, I have to be on these for at least another 6 months. But in the meantime, if this girl runs away from me, then I guess I will get even more depressed. Are theere any anti depressants that do not cause problems with sex? I really dont know how to go from here. I have not told her about my condition, cause I am afraind she will be scared to date someoen with depression



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