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I have a pretty stupid question.


I think I'm terribly boring. I have been looking at my relationships with people. I'm fun only if the other person is fun, because I simply bounce the fun off them and it works. But if I'm with somebody shy or boring, I become clueless. I stay polite and nice, but aside from obvious small-talk, I have nothing to say. Like a chameleon huh?


Now - I have been getting better. There were times when I would go out with a group of friends and simply not say a word the whole night. Now I participate in the conversations... and it's okay - nobody bites me, but....


When I meet a new person, they never leave me with a look that says "wow, i just met an interesting person" ... Do you know what I mean? But when they do get to know me well, they usually like me... but it's always "ya, she's okay"... never "yA! she's cool!!"


So how do I do that?? I guess my main problem is simply having fun talking, out of nowhere, with anyone ...


What could I be doing wrong?



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Not a stupid question at all. I used to have the same problem.


At school, people would always be talking about sports and I didn't know very much about the subject. I didn't understand the games really well because my dad hadn't explained it to me. I thought baseball was something you broke windows with. I thought in football, guys just lined up and ran into each other but it took me a really long time to figure out why, when they should have been going for the football.


You get better as you get older. Get some really good joke books and remember one or two each day and tell them around. What you're now doing is really great when you're around people with personality.


For now, you might just be best off avoiding the shy, quiet people. All their doing is looking for people to bounce the fun off and you aren't ready for that yet. But before you turn away from them, tell them one of your jokes.


One day, you'll come out of your shell and you'll be the life of the party, just like I am when I'm not asleep out front in the car.

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