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Break up - more

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I have consulted a PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) and there is no mention of stress as a cause for pregnancy so you probably got that way otherwise.


What you do about toddler will be up to you, after seeking wise counsel from your family, clergy, counsellor, friends, etc.


I don't see any reason this should change your leaving this guy. It's almost hard to believe you didn't take extra precautions in the face of such an awful domestic situation. This guy won't change because a baby has entered the picture, he'll probably get worse. Staying together for 15 or 20 more years, in my opinion, is not your answer. The guy has already shown his selfish butt and you don't need him.


However, having a child may give you a one-up as far as getting the house. You will have to consult an attorney and probably sue the baxtard but I think a judge or jury would allow you to buy the house. And they'd probably throw in expenses and child support for the baby, etc. I don't know what the laws are but they usually favor a mother.


Keeping the baby should not be a strategy for getting the house, since half of the house is yours anyway and I think you can get your money in other ways, if you decide to put the baby up for adoption or make other decisions.


I don't know whether it's appropriate or not to congratulate you now. You are obviously in shock and confusion. You have all these other medical problems. You have man problems. And now you have major decisions to make relating to this pregnancy. I can't imagine anything else coming up that could further complicate issues.


Please seek the support and counsel you need from those around you. Seek professional guidance in making critical decisions concerning yourself and your future. And by all means take care of yourself and the stress. No matter what's happening, you need to handle it calmly. Being stressed out and upset will not help you make rational decisions for the future.

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