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"Deadline" for when boyfriend should meet my friends?

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Hey all.


I´ve been together with my boyfriend for about 10-11 months now ("officially" about 9 months). The last few days I´ve had a really bad concsious because it just hit me that my boyfriend haven´t met any of my closest friends yet!! We live in two different cities and only see each other on the weekends, which is also part of the problem.


My friends are asking me when they are gonna get to meet my boyfriend and I just feel so bad that it hasn´t happened yet! Sometimes they joke about if he exists or not, haha. I don´t know what has happened, time just flies! When we see each other we are usually so busy doing other things (meeting his/my family, travelling etc..), and when we for once have a weekend when we don´t have many plans we just like to chill and be together just the two of us. I´m 27 and he is 31 and we both have our careers during the week, so we haven´t got time to meet then.


So, is there a "deadline" for when you should introduce the boyfriend to your friends? Do you think it is weird that it has been this long and they haven´t even seen him yet? I know it probably sounds a bit stupid, but I don´t know... I just feel so bad that he hasn´t even met them yet, and I´m so bad at arranging things. I´ve told myself that this month they should really get to meet him! I´m seriously getting really stressed out here.

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