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To all of you out there


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It seems to me that I've made lots of ennemies on this forum because I see things differently than most of you.


I just wanted to say that you have no grounds for saying that I am a 'scum-bag' or judging me as a person whom you really don't know from Adam.


You should realize that if I was really such a low person you all make me out to me I probably wouldn't even have written anything on a forum like this. I would have just gone ahead and done my 'deed' but the fact of the matter is different. I haven't even acted yet and there is no guarantee I will act, so hold your horses before you start accusing me of something I haven't even done yet.


Even if I do nothing myself I know from past experiences that the 'universe' will cause something else to happen that will eventually expose the situation. I really don't have to do anything because mere thought alone has energy.

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