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Anti-troll technique - guaranteed to work:


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Originally Posted by Million.to.1

.. the ignore button works wonders!

Doesn't it just! we really should use it more!



Originally Posted by Heart Of A Lion

The ignore feature is too limited in my opinion, because it still shows their threads in the forums and it only collapses their posts instead of completely hiding them.

The other thing is - when other posters INSIST on quoting them to respond - Their ignored posts instantly become visible - even if you've got them on ignore!


So - 2 golden, anti-troll rules that absolutely, positively, completely work:


ONE - Don't QUOTE them!


TWO - put them on ignore AND - don't respond!!


It's amazing how, if you ignore them - they run out of steam...


...Because, if nobody bites - then they don't catch no fish... do they?!


If everyone were to do it - to every profile they invent - then eventually, they'll starve to death.....trolls thrive on attention....


why nourish something that has no worth, and doesn't deserve to live?


You wouldn't deliberately feed a cancer, would you?

And that's what trolls are. A cancer in the bowels of LS....

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