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...and this is my biggest problem

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and I need to tell someone to get over it.


A couple of weeks ago I saw a quite pretty girl while waiting for a train on my way home from work, don't think she even saw me and I wasn't really in a happy mood. Was still rather hung up on my ex. We got on the train, I didn't think anything of it or even think about her again until..


Last thursday I left the station in my home town and walked right by her. We left different exits and I saw her for probably around 3 seconds as we walked towards then past one another... while doing this she smiled at me. I probably should have talked to her but it all happened too fast.



Anyway, none of this is actually my problem, but it's relevant. My problem? Wishing I'd talked to her? Nope, not really. That I probably wont see her again? Not that either, there's plenty of other girls out there. My problem is getting hung up on a girl I've barely even seen let alone met. Since then I've consciously looked out for her every time I get on the train. I don't even know why! Gah, I need to sort myself out.


Anyway, I just needed to let that out. I get myself into this situation way too much and need to stop myself.

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