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help me!!!!!!!

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hi.well this is my story.i have been going out with this guy for 2 years and we were so in love .we had so much fun .but one day he sadi he was going to live with his mom.this was over a year and a half ago.then i got accepted into a school where he lived .i was happy thinking of doing some catching up with him.


but it turns out that he was not very happy to see me and thinks that what happened between us was aterrible mistake and wnats us to be'friends'.i am so in love with him i can't think straight.what can i do?

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When most people break up with someone, for whatever reason (moving back to mom's being one of them), they usually want to move on in their lives and not revisit the experience. If there is any kind of hurt involved, they just don't want to go back to a place in their lives where that happened.


He obviously was very much in love with you and over the year and a half he's been away he's been able to heal and move on with his life. I think it's truly great that he wants to be friends and it's certainly up to you to make your decision here.


The only possibility is that if you develop a friendship and then the love spark reignites, well then you may have something again. But you will have to show him very clearly that whatever caused the breakup before, or whatever problems you had before, do not exist now.


So your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to be his friend and show him what happened between the two of you before was not a terrible mistake. But you are going to have to be really cool and not press any romantic issues whatsoever until you feel he is absolutely receptive and ready, if ever.


Frankly, if I were you I wouldn't go there but you are the one who wants him so I've given you what I feel is the only possibility.


Please date others and make do things with other friends while you're trying to pull this off. If he sees you are hanging out with him only, he will catch on to your strategy and resist.


I hope others who visit this forum will give their ideas on what strategies you might use.

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I'm so very sorry for you. But boys at this age do not know what they want Some never know their whole lives.


Please forget this boy and go on with your life.


Please believe me that this is not the end of the world.


If I can survive getting jilted by my fiance, you WILL survive this.


You need to focus on yourself, get good grades, do well.


You can transfer to another school you wanted to go to, if you'd like.


But you have to go on.


Good luck.

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