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Keeping in touch with my old email boyfriend


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Lecture wanted please

I don't know why I keep prolonging this! I'm "with" another guy. Well even though he went to LA a few weeks ago to try and break into the movie biz. I'm buying my plane ticket today to go see him. He's the best! We get along really great, we talk on the phone a lot, we have a lot to talk about. he's a good kisser, the sex is cool. i'm into him, a lot.


I keep emailing my old email boyfriend, the one who I met in NM through mutual friends, who came to visit me in Hawaii last year over thanksgiving, whose best friend (who my brother recently saw and gave him the phone to say hello for about 15 minutes) said he hasn't dated anyone since me. HELLO! the past is the past! he broke up with me over the phone halfway between my birthday and valentine's day! silly, silly girl. stupid girl! everything should have ended then.


I was checking my email. He wants to call me tonight, and I was just going to reply! no no no!


My new boyfriend says that out of respect I should not talk to my ex. I told him that some people who aren't suited to being boyfriend and girlfriend can be regular friends. it's not like we talk about anything important. We don't even really talk unless its over email, once a week or less, at most. I really haven't learned anything new about him except he's trying to make a new homepage and that he lives with his brother. And I haven't told him really anything specific about my life either. I know that sounds like BS. I know I should just stop contacting him. I don't know why I can't.

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Thats a bit of a sticky situation you are in just now..

I can see why u are e-mailing your ex boyfriend as u will still care about him as a old friend kind of thing. But i know if my boyfriend found out i was e-mailing and talking to me ex he would get pretty upset. When i started dating my current boyfriend i deleted all the ex's in my phone and blocked there e-mails.


As you said you really like the new guy and maybe u should try and not e-mail the old boyfriend everyweek.. Try cutting it down a bit. Or something. Thats what i would have done.


You dont want to fall out with the new guy over the old one now do you?

Anyways i hope u manage to sort something out

*fingers crossed*

Take Care


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