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To Good To Be True????


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I was wondering what to think of this guy I met about a month or so ago.


Here's the deal:

Met this guy, who happens to be a marine, at a club back home (500 miles away from where I am now) I live in MD and go to school in MA. (he also normally lives in Wisconsin)


Met up with him a week later at the same club.


[during both meetings we just danced and nothing else]


He started calling me to talk and ask about work and what I was up to and stuff...not stalker ish, but sweet


The next week we weren't able to see each other and I left for school that weekend.


He continues to call basically everyday to see how my classes went and to all, which I don't mind cause we have a lot of very nice conversations.


He asked if he could come up and visit me in October, which I said "YES, OF COURSE" so he's planning to come up mid-october. :rolleyes:


During one of our conversations a week or so ago he invited me down to go to a Ball with him in November and meet his friends and see him, which I said I'll definitly try to, cause I do want to go. :love:


some other details are that he's looking to transfer somewhere else sometime soon and I don't really plan on going home to much over the next year so we really wouldn't be able to see each other very often at all.


Mainly I'm wondering if this is ok behavior for a guy. I'm just not use to being presued this intensly by anyone i've had this type of contact with. I really like this guy but I'm wondering if it's tooo good to be true.


If there are any other questions let me know...I wanted to keep this a short as possible.

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He sounds pretty nice and very interested but don't blow things up in your mind. Save that for after you've been married to him at least 15 years. Be cool and relaxed and see what this will go. Meanwhile, don't turn down other guys you may be interested in.

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I'm definitly not holding off on my life other-wise. I still go out an have my fun and ajust recently decided that the guy I was kinda starting to date wasn't for me an gave him up. I just think I wanted some reassurance that this isn't incrediably odd behavior and that I should in some way continue to "hold-on" to him and see how everything unfolds.

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