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love gone wrong

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I had fallen in love with a younger man and now 2.5 years later I am about to tell him that I no longer want to be with him.


See he beat me severly in January and went to jail.


Then he got out and contacted me (he has gotten out and contacted me 6 times now), which is a vilation of his probation.


He has began to drink and do drugs, which he was on when he did this to me.


I now have sooo many more health problems due to the beating.


I do love him and I know that if the drugs were gone then he would not of done this to us.


But he is making no effort to get off probation and beable to be with me.


Am I doing the right ?

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No one should put up with abuse, especially when it's done "in the name of love." Dump his sorry self and get hooked up with a good counselor to help you through this period.


Sorry to say, unless he has a strong will, he's not going to overcome his addiction to drugs; even if he does, he's going to have to fight very hard for the rest of his life to avoid falling back into that pit of hell.


Remember, love doesn't come in shades of black and blue.

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[color=violet][font=arial]I agree Quankanne!!!


Be Strong dot, YOU ARE DOING the best thing. Concentrate on getting yourself back to your former health, if not better. Forget about him! Move on, you are better than that. NO ONE deserves to be treated like that!


Have you thought going to Al-anon? Offers help and support for people affected by alcoholics. Look ‘Al-anon’ up on the net and find where Al-anon meetings are held in your area. Its worth while! It will help heal and work through issues caused by what has happened!


Congratulations on your courage!


Good Luck

Love and Light


:bunny: [/font][/color]

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