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Why so insecure?

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My boyfriend and I have been with each other for a year. He's told me of two previous relationships that didn't last because cheating was going on through both sides of his previous relationships. I haven't cheated on him, or wouldn't even consider it! I feel we've expressed how much loyalty means to each other because of his past and my admiration of my parents, still being together after 37 years. I've never been in love prior to him, and I'm trying to enjoy each moment. He went out of town this weekend, and treated me like crap (by not calling) because he had "suspicion" of me doing something wrong. He said he didn't call cause I seemed busy. Come on, I'm in love with him. I don't care if I was busy with the most important thing going on in my life, I would have taken the time out to talk to him for as long as he wanted. He answered his phone the two times I did call, and told me he was just chillin. I had no problem believing him, but when he got mad cause I slept at my best friends house Friday night, that's when I started feeling insecure. I started wondering what he was doing. Overall, I knew he wouldn't cheat cause I feel he would ruin a good thing. I mean the guy knows I'm in love with him. It's extremely obvious. He doesn't even think I'm cheating, he just doesn't want me to be around my brothers friends or any other males for that matter. He through "not going home, cause I was so busy" in my face when he got mad. My best friend just had a baby, so the only people that went over were my brother and some friends that would never disrespect my boyfriend in the first place. It's like everyone knows how much I devote myself to him, but he took it as I was doing something wrong. I had a short talk with him last night when he got back in to town, which was good that he said trust will come in good time. Well, my big complaint is that I did everything in my power this weekend not to upset him, but it still wasn't good enough for him. He still got mad, and in all honesty....it ruined the rest of my weekend since he avoided me by not calling. So am I just over reacting, or am I in for a long time of mistrusting relationship? By the way, his immediate family lives 3 hours away, so we will be spending some holidays without each other. :confused:

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