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Problem or Not


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[color=red]I know that age should mean nothing in a relationship if two people care for each other but I need help with this.

The man is 39 years old, raised in Italy, and is a Doctor. The girl is 20 years old and is going to attend collage

He has never said anything out of the way, he gives her total respect. He enjoys talking to her, compliments her, and thinks the world of her. He is not a player. She likes him but other people seeem to have a problem with the age difference. People that has no business giving a comment(coworkers, neighbors ect) What do you think about this situation?[/color]

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You say that you KNOW that age should mean nothing in a realtioship.


Don't be so sure about what you think you know.


The age difference between a 20 year old and a 39 year old means a LOT.


He is old enough to be your father, and he is in a position of authority (physician). You are attracted to him as a father figure and that is a very, very unhealthy basis for a romantic realtioship.


His interest in a young woman your age says a LOT about him -- he just wants a more comfortable lay with a woman who has no cellulite, stretch marks, sagging breasts, or an overworked vagina. He's not "playing" yet, but he will, once he's established your emotional trust.


If you are still having difficulty working your way clear of this relationship, project into the furutre: Where will his di** be when you do start growing into the cellulite, sagging breasts, etc., etc.


Or maybe I am all wrong. Maybe he finds you to be an intellectual challenge and someone with whom he can share his profound dreams of the future and memories of the past with.


Whatever you choose to believe, dear.

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I bet people have a problem with it! I'm 26 and my bf is 39 and people are always giving us a hard time...when they figure out his age.


But in our world it just isn't an issue. But we have things that come up and happen that he feels I should have handled differently and such because of the fact he has been through more life experiences than I and has a different way of veiwing things. So your age will bring up issues inside your relationship sooner or later.


We have been together for 2 years and we are like peas and carrots. So you could look at it as someone your own age may also have different veiws and life experiences so you would have simular discusions with a younger man too.


Just follow your heart and keep your guard up you don't want to get crushed by this man.

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If you don't have a problem with the age difference, and don't care what others think, they why post?


It seems you do have some insecurities about the relationship.


It might last - but odds are against it.

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