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Wife Keeping Things From Me and Lying

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Originally Posted by CautiouslyOptimistic View Post
I'm glad you went to the authorities and have taken a pro-active approach to keep this boy from your son. In particular, I'm glad you got the authorities involved, which means that his parents (your BIL/SIL) know. When I was young and this happened to me by an older cousin, my parents did nothing because they didn't want to rock the boat. My deceased aunt and still living uncle have no clue why my sis and I want nothing to do with their son, and my sis and I, although we love our parents (dad deceased), always felt unprotected by them because of their lack of action. You did the right thing. Your wife, on the other hand, absolutely did NOT. I don't blame you for wondering what else she hasn't told you.

I'm sorry this happened to your son .
Thanks for that, and I'm sorry you had to go through what you did. Our whole immediate family knows. I have seen pictures of the nephew and his GF with my MIL on Facebook at various outings and it irks me. MIL is very aware of what happened but associates with him and in a way I understand. My wife was abused by her cousin while be babysat several times and her mother was clueless to it..Even after she found out she would still take her daughter to family gatherings where the perp was present..Which again strikes me as odd. However I do understand because it was a different time back then. Things like that were much more likely to go undetected and tended to be swept under the rug for whatever reason -- be it family shame, doubting the accuser, protecting the accused, etc.

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I get what you are saying...

Originally Posted by PBS View Post
She doesn't have 'girls night out'. Don't get me wrong -- I know if people want to screw they're going to find/make the time come hell or high water -- even if it's only a 10 minute quickie in the car. If something is happening it almost assuredly is happening during work hours or on days where she has to stay an extra hour or two -- which isn't often.
I get what you are saying...

You just need to understand that everyone that says that she has no time is almost always wrong.

If this guy is her boss, it is just too easy to go out to "lunch" for a meeting and even if it went longer, he is the boss. So he is not going to dock her for taking a long lunch while they are screwing.

I literally every case here and other places, when a spouse gets a feeling that something is going on, it is.

As far as a VAR, does she usually go to a particular place to talk on the phone? If she does, that is a place to put it.

As far as her phone if you can't get access to it to install some recovery software on it, then you have no idea what has been on the phone.

She could be deleting everything as it happens. And if she has an app on it like whatsup or something, it is designed to delete everything when you finish talking to someone.

So even though you have looked at it, until you get to do some of these things, you have no proof that "nothing" happened.

Basically, you have some work to do. I'll say this, all of her behavior is fishy on a lot of levels.

Trust your gut...
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