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husband owes me money...

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Old 23rd January 2018, 6:40 PM   #76
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I see that the amount of money is a fairly large sum...Here, I was thinking, okay a princely sum, but not 6 figs. WOW. And as for being a single mom and independant, I see where you are coming from. An inheritance and all...But I still find the whole we are married but remember that loan?... It just sounds icky. But that being the case, I think Donnivan is right. Get a financial expert to set up a budget for you guys and get his end of the finance working for you that can pay back the debt. Kinda like an outstanding hospital bill or something. In return, it looks like an investment for the family, and he saves face in his eyes... Just an idea.

FWIW..My brother has split finances with his wife. They do everything separately...He works from home (small business owner). She works in a large science/ health based industry with large incomes as well. But they also now live completely separate lives. He even had to purchase HC on his own. She could put him on her plan, but nope. She does her own thing. It's like my brother just got married to quiet our mom... I do see this ending not well in the near future. He is tight on money, and quite reserved socially. His wife...Not so much. No kids, no ties...Its kinda sad really.
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Old 25th January 2018, 12:30 AM   #77
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Hi Barbed, why is your brother even married? Or to put it the other way around, why is his wife married to him. Both of them could be single and enjoying their freedom without being hitched to each other. What is it that either of them is getting out of this union? Thanks for any answers. Best wishes.
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