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Divorce after 4 month?

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Old 29th October 2017, 3:25 AM   #1
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Divorce after 4 month?

i just got married not even 4 month ago.
well like people said we were young (still young i am 23 he is 21)
before we get married i had some problem with his ex girlfriend ( she send me his room pictures and told me he's been cheating on me ) but i trusted him and we got married together.
when we first got married together everything was perfect and awesome.
before i start talk i want to talk about this girl (let me call her D) who really
close with my husband.
he told me he grow up with her and everything.
also i have a lot of guys friends so i didn't really care at first..
she called my husband everyday (face time) and he never really answered around me.
so i told him that i am not really comfortable with u and D, he told me he wont talk with her as much as used to and he want me to stop talking with my friends too.
after 2 month marriage he started hanging out with his friends, and going to bars and clubs. i mean like didn't come back home. one day he told me his going out to eat dinner with his coworkers i said ok and he started ignoring my phone call, later i saw him with other girl.
he told me its not whats look like but we had really big argued and he stayed night outside.
when i come back home we talked about what happened. he said one of his coworker wanted hooked up with her and he was there ate dinner tougher.
i was sad be honestly (specially we had issue by ex girl before we get married)
and he told me his tried he want to get divorce. i got so scared, started begged him that i will fix everything i will not going to nagging waining whatever please don't leave me.
right after we moved to new town for his job but i had to go back to school.
when we moved to new town first couple days we stayed on hotel.
i didn't had car and he went to work early in the morning till night.
i stocked at room by my self couldn't do anything. i started talking with my friends . right before we move to house he told me he find out that i talked with my fiends and he got really mad. we had argue and again its end up with my begging. now i am back in my town for 2 month, and its been 2 weeks, my husband started go out with his friends. like bars, clubs, and everything.
when i first got there i wanted to talk with him as much as possible, but he hated it so i tried not txt and call him i used too.
he was upset that i was texting and call him too much,
he got mad because i dont text him too much (we still talked a lot)
i was always stuck in home we were always went out party.
yesterday i decide go to visit my fiends house (female) and i asked him, he said
that is cool. i went there we talking and i had fun but he got mad for that i told him that i told him i wont hangout but i did.
he told me i am a ******* lier and everything.
he asked me if i hide something so i told him i talk with nick and his gf on fb the other day, he got really upset.

he started calling me lier, he don't care about me, he's never going to trust him.i apologized to him that broke the promise and told him that i never cheated.

i never cheating on him, and i told him that i was just talking with my fired.
and u don't even call me or txt me and expect me to stay at home all the time.

he asked me to divorced me (because he can't trust me any more )
i don't know what i am doing lol be honestly i am so tried and don't even want to think about it. just want to disappear from earth lol

i love him but i don't know if he loves me i feel like he is looking for reason to get divorced maybe.
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Old 29th October 2017, 3:37 AM   #2
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Hi Jjb,

In all honesty it seems to me like you two should never have got married in the first place .... you were both very young (you still are) .... you don't seem to compliment each other in a relationship at all .... there is no trust between you .... and you have only been married 4 months - this just seems to be a car crash in the making!

I personally think you two should call it quits ... you need time to find "you" and grow as a person.

I do wish you all the very best, whatever you decide x
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Old 29th October 2017, 8:09 AM   #3
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May I ask, how long were you together before you were married?

I agree, it seems that you jumped into marriage too quickly. You are both so young and frankly, too immature to make this marriage last. There is no trust. You would be wise to get this marriage annulled.

I'm sorry. Best wishes.
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Old 29th October 2017, 8:16 AM   #4
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This whole mess reeks of immaturity on both sides.

If you don't want a divorce because you took your vows seriously, get marriage counseling. You need to learn to put each other first & not to do anything that would jeopardize the relationship. That means he has to stop going out partying and you need to use your time more productively when lest alone for long times.

If you two don't both want to put the work in, a divorce is a good option. Whatever you do, don't have a kid.
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Old 3rd November 2017, 5:32 PM   #5
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I am really sorry about your situation and can imagine how hurt you are. I believe in fighting for marriage. It is not easy. I would suggest getting some counseling and hopefully that can help both of you. I will be praying for you
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