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Bored 3 Months In

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I am sceptical about long term friendships turning into relationships. Can you tell us a bit more about that? How come you were friends for 10 years?
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I think he could be cheating, or he could simply be messing with your mind. This kind of hot-and-cold behavior, swinging between being nice and the silent treatment, is very nasty.
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don't give up

often times when a couple have lived together for so long they end up living their lives like robots. same routine. it may be time to spice it up a bit, even if you just moved in with one another. I'm not sure of the situation and circumstances, sounds like there is big part of the puzzle missing here. but i would encourage you to do something different than the normal routine of waking up going to work and coming home to do nothing. (or whatever the routine may be.)
the first year (actually 3 years) are the hardest transition in a marriage. they say if you can get past the 1st year you made a huge accomplishment. marriages will always have struggles and issues, as long as they are not the same ones reoccurring then you are growing. this is good.
some ideas for spicing it up might be, doing something different for dinner, eating out, or maybe cooking a nice meal with effort, put away electronic devices at home while at the dinner table or in bed for more intimate talks if its the sex life, try a new location, or a new outfit. get nice and ready and pampered for him only even if you have no where to go. theres all sorts of things you can do. after all it is the little things that count.
best of luck

Originally Posted by mc93 View Post
Newly wed here! Last night as I was going to bed my husband says to me. "We haven't even been married three months and the excitment is already gone. Is this going to be our lives forever?" It was like a major slap to the face and I was hurt deeply. I didn't even know what to say and just said to him, "The door is right there." End of conversation. Then today, I get a text during work saying he's going out of town for the weekend. Just out of the blue. I tried calling him and he rejected my call and when I texted him back saying to be safe and asking if he was going alone, he never replied back.

I'm really hurt and I have to wonder if I'm the most boring person out there. I mean half the time, he isn't home and when he comes home at night he gets annoyed that I'm not staying up to chat or hang out. I just don't know what to think of his attitude :/
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