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My husband keeps making me feel like I don't exist.

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My husband keeps making me feel like I don't exist.

He just doesn't share what is going on in his everyday life. When I find out from his phone conversation to somebody and I confront him he tells me that I did not ask him about the subject. Like I find out he did not go to work one day but spend hours watching the soccer. He just said that I did not ask him about it. But how can I know what to ask I don't follow him around I think he should tell me on his own how his day went. Also he is very sensitive to my behavior. When I cook the lunch on Sunday and everything is ready he tells me he is going for a coffee with his friend. I get upset because my effort of making a meal is gone. And he is gone. He thinks what is a deal here. That I am overreacting. He came home I put his lunch on the table for him to eat. I have indoor allergies so I sneezed couple of times and I see him leaving a table because he lost him appetite. I felt hurt in don't spread bugs I have allergies and I am his wife not a stranger. He make me feel so unworthy.
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You are being mistreated, disrespected, taken for granted. That does not bode well for a happy, healthy, rewarding, fulfilling marriage.

From your post, he sounds unpleasant and would likely not be easy to have a decent conversation with him. I would offer to check-out the 'emotional needs' and 'love busters' at marriage builders, and see if that will help you formulate some things you want to say to him, make him aware of.

Other option is individual counseling with someone who is also a marital will gain the value of their expertise in both. (Unless you can influence, persuade your hubby to go to marriage counseling with you...?)

At the end of the day, you have to answer for yourself if you are okay with having this particular marriage experience for the rest of your life.

Hugs and best.
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