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my husbands comment about having kids..

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Originally Posted by jackslife View Post
... and you don't have to justify your reasons for wanting children.
I never said justification was necessary. I merely suggested people question their own motives. And there should be a much better reason than 'because it's the done thing'.... or 'my family expects us to have kids', as I have sadly heard....

Do not worry about planet over population, costs, or any other old nonsense.
Nonsense? Really?? Planet overpopulation isn't a concern? REALLY??

Children are expensive but wonderful and brilliant and the best thing ever.
This is funny. You advise to not be worried about costs - and in your next sentence, admit they're expensive. To the tune of a 'quarter-of-a-million-dollars expensive, before they're 18' expensive!

You'll never know a love like it!
This is debatable.
I have known people have more affection from their pets than their children. Having children does not guarantee a happy family/parental life. Sometimes, it's soul destroying and heart-breaking. Ask any mother with a child in max security prison, on drugs or even just playing truant from school....And of course, that all depends if you can persuade the husband to have children when he has said he doesn't want them... "Oh, you'll never know a love like it!" "What... you don't love me as much, then?"

But don't make the mistake of thinking you can postpone for ever because you can't. You are already past your most fertile time of your life (late teens early 20's) and that clock will just keep ticking. Crack on and enjoy them while your young.
Again, inaccurate. The 'safe' age for a woman to bear children is widening. It is now quite normal for women in their mid-thirties to quite safely conceive and bear children....Granted, there are risks, but the advantages in health care and monitoring make things easier.
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