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How long until i should meet her in person?

Long-Distance Relationships Coping with geographical distance can make or break a LDR. Share your experiences and questions here.

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Just to get this straight: your female friend contacted you both saying "hey, I know someone who's perfect for you", she gave you her contact and you started messaging her?

I guess she might be a bit turned off by how this started. And now this same female friend is pushing hard to get you two together. Maybe you should tell her that's not how it works.

It worked in the past when being a good man or coming from a good family was enough to be considered as a future husband and good to make a family with. It still works in some cultures where pre-arranged marriages are a thing, or where being in love is not valued.
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Originally Posted by ExpatInItaly View Post
Then tell your friend to mind her business. Be assertive if your friend is being annoying and pushy.

But don't throw this other girl under the bus. She's allowed to not be interested in you or a text-buddy relationship.
So i thought this thread was dead but 2 days ago she replied my last message with 'yeah super busy'. I am not sure what to do next. should i bother replying? I mean 1 week+ and she just said that... not sure if shes catching up on texts or idk... ideas? I dont even know what to respond it with...

FYI the previous messages:
Me 2/25: If you are free sometime wanna chat on the phone?
Her 2/25: Not right now. Been super busy recently, sorry about that.
Me 2/25: "No problem. i just want to know more about you. i heard you are also going to MBA - must be super busy right? I also went to MBA few years back so i can understand"
Her 3/2: Yep, super busy.
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