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Paris to Cape Town

Long-Distance Relationships Coping with geographical distance can make or break a LDR. Share your experiences and questions here.

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Paris to Cape Town

So guys...
New section this time and here is my story.

I met this french girl during a solo backpacking trip a few weeks back.
At first I thought she was just another french girl, traveling in my beautiful country.

Later that night, we started taking and got to know each other better.
We ended up talking the whole night about our jobs and life as we got alot in common.
She also informed me to what brought here to South Africa.
She met and dated a South African guy for a few months...long distance. They decided that she will quit her job, move to South Africa and start something with him here in South Africa. A few months went by, she handed in her resignation and headed for South Africa in December. She met his family and they traveled a bit. A few days before Christmas, he told her that it will not work out between them.
He is not able to do the relationship, uncertain about his future, still lives with his mother...bla bla bla and that is how she ended up traveling and us meeting.

She left after days for another city...I had her number as I knew she was headed for Cape Town, my home town.

The following day, it was my turn to head on home.
As I drove home, I sent her a text, telling her I'm on my way home and if she wanted a lift with me.
She replied and said, why not....better than being on a bus with random strangers.
So, i picked her up and we headed to Cape Town. The drive went by quick...we talked so much and everything was so much fun...I took her on some scenic routes to show her my beautiful city, we took pictures together, but still I saw her as a good friend.

I dropped her off where she stayed in Cape Town and we went for some drinks afterwards. The more we talked, the more interisting she got...the more attractive she got.
After drinks, I dropped her off at her place and I went home.
I then sent her a text, telling her that we are going hiking the next morning.

Next morning I picked her up and we went hiking and boy did we have some fun.
On our way down, she sprained her ankle and could not walk any futher.
Me and a fellow hiker carried her down for +/- 2 miles.
I took her to the hospital, were they confirmed that she needs a moonboot and crutches....yes I spent whole day with her at hospital.

Afterwards we went for some drinks, got drunk and laughed about the day.
After we ate, she told me, "I want to kiss you, but my breath smells like garlic"...I headed in and kissed her without saying a word.
After the kiss she tells me "I assume you want to take me home now"...I asked for the bill and we went to my place.

We had sex, she spent the night and the rest is history.
She headed back to her ex's place the next day to collect her other bags and goods before she returned to Paris.

I did not ask her what happened when she saw him, she just told me that she is not in a relationship.

We kept in touch on a daily basis.
Whatsapp, voicenotes, facetime.....she told me how she miss seeing me sometimes and wants to hear my voice.
Neither of us has spoken about a relationship or anything.
I don't ask her if she slept with any men while back in Paris and neither has she asked me. Because we are not in a relationship...

What bothers me right now is that she is at a seminar with +-/15 other people from around the world AND her BOYFRIEND is part of this group.
My fear is that they will hookup and get back together.

Do I have to worry??

She said a few bad things about him...leaving her a few days before Christmas. Told me her father does not like him.
Yet she told me that she was going to ask him to bring some stuff with from South Africa.I don't know what to do in this situation.
Yes, we are not together.... she told me that we have a beautiful connection and she is curious to see where it is going to take us. Distance is a problem and she enjoys talking to me and hope it does not stop.
That I make her happy and the list goes on.

I will be seeing her in June for a week as I will be In Europe.
She invited me to her parents holiday house on a french island.

Do I have to worry about her and her ex?
What If they see each other again and there is a spark and they end up again??

We don't talk much while she is at the seminar...but she still keeps me updated on a daily basis and says nothing about her ex.

Guys and Girls....

Please tell me what do you think of this whole situation...I want your HONEST opinion!!!!

1. Where do you think this situation will take me/us relationship wise?
2. Do I have to worry about her ex...she taking him back?

Thanks in advance
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