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Falling Out Of Love...

Long-Distance Relationships Coping with geographical distance can make or break a LDR. Share your experiences and questions here.

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Falling Out Of Love...

Other half is working away for 8 months, currently been away for 5 months and we have just over 3 months remaining until she's back.

However the distance has not been kind to us at all.

We've argued so much and at times they have been daily occurances.

I'm finding myself resenting her for leaving me in the first place, for arguing constantly, posts on social media about us have stopped (pictures etc), at times she does not seem bothered about talking and honestly at times neither am I.

I've done something stupid whilst she was away and I'm not proud of it, I met up with an ex and we ended up staying in a hotel room together.

My point of this post is to get some advice and to get it all off my chest.

I feel I'm falling out of love and the lack of physical contact and being close in person is making things worse. Seeing the words "I love you" on a text message isn't as meaningful as hearing them in person.

I feel as though, if she ended things tomorrow I wouldn't scream and shout and beg for her to take me back.

Whilst I was in the hotel room with the ex, I didn't feel as guilty as I should've? It seems as if I've been apart for so long that I've distanced myself from her and the relationship and my feelings are not as strong.

What do I do?
Do I own up and end things? She's currently working in different countries doing a job she's dreamed of as a child. Who am I to spoil that for her?
Do I end things when she gets back?
Do I own up and beg for forgiveness and hopefully the feelings come back when we're actually together?
Do I keep quiet and hope the feelings come back and this is just a big blip?

I'm completely lost for answers and I just need advice and someone to give me a kick up the ***.
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End it with it her because you're not falling out of love, you don't love her enough to show her the respect she needed.

I get that she's moved away and communication should have been better (I was in a similar situation - but no one cheated on anyone) - but you really should have ended it before you let yourself go to a hotel with your ex.

It's not like she's goofing around wherever it was that she went. She went there for work. Something that she needed to do, something she's wanted to do even before you met her.

End it, for her sake. She doesn't deserve this.
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