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How to Stay Happy in a Long Relationship

Long-Distance Relationships Coping with geographical distance can make or break a LDR. Share your experiences and questions here.

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How to Stay Happy in a Long Relationship

When a new relationship begins, it can be full of fluff and rainbows and all the good things that little boys and little girls dream of, but as time goes on, every relationship will eventually have their own challenges and hurdles that couples need to face together.

Ask any happy couple who have lasted fifty years, ten, or even just one year and theyíll hint at issues that theyíve had to work out together. But how do they do it? How do people make relationships last for decades? To understand that, letís talk about how to stay happy in a long relationship.

Letís take a look at some of the most common relationship advice:

Communication Is Key

Relationships are about mutual understanding. Most problems in relationships can often be avoided by talking to your partner as most problems arise from misunderstandings. Talk to your partner about anything and everything.

Having open communication builds trust between you and your partner, and since people can change over the years, keeping your connection with your partner becomes more vital so they can understand any changes going on in your life.

Always Trust and Respect Your Partner

Letís be real. Love can only get you so far. You canít just rely on love alone to carry you through decades of hardship. Thatís why you need to form mutual trust and respect with your partner, because when love fails, youíll have something to fall back on. Your relationship wonít become a mess and will continue on Ďtil youíve rediscovered the spark that ignited your love from the start.

Try Something New Together

There are so many things to do in the world that canít all be done in a single lifetime. Keep your relationship fresh and exciting by trying new things! Donít let your relationship become stale and boring.

Bring your partner along with you when thereís a new place in town to visit or a new activity to do. Go out of your comfort zone and break away from the usual stuff that you and your partner are used to.

Go watch a bad movie and laugh together about how terrible it is. Travel to a different country and experience a different culture together. Heck, try a new position in bed to keep things interesting. Try anything to keep your relationship working.
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Optimism is a great motivator. When you meet dark moments in your relationship, shine some light on it by looking at the upside of whatís happening. Itís no use trying to intensify an issue as thatíll only make it harder for you and your partner.

If thereís nothing you can do about it, look at it from a different perspective and appreciate the good things that came out of it. Thereís always something positive about any situation. You just need to look at a problem from a different angle. Blaming your partner will only make it worse.

Even if itís their fault, try to make fun of it so itíll be easier for them to make it up to you. Likewise, if you were in the wrong, accept responsibility and look forward to the make-up cuddle the both of you will have while watching a random, forgettable movie on Netflix.

These are just some of the common tips on how to stay happy in a long relationship. What other things do you do to stay happy in a long relationship? Share your thoughts and letís have a discussion about it. Comment below or message me!
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The Shifting Attitude of Russian Women In Favor of Foreign Men

Groups of Russian women flocking together in public places like cafes and restaurants have become commonplace nowadays. This regularly occurring phenomenon that has plagued the country including its major cities has steadily grown since the decline of the Russian man and their values.

In the face of male population shortage, you would think that Russian men are prized and valued, but they are the total opposite. They continue to be eclipsed by their female peers in education, career, and even hygiene. Even when surrounded by the beautiful women, they are known to be prone to abuse, alcoholism, and unemployment.

Russian men have been outnumbered by these dazzling females who all look like they come out of a spread of a magazine, or from a photo shoot. This means to say that with the gender ratio imbalance, men are rare, but the eligible, marriage-type ones are rarer still.

This phenomenon is a recurring topic among Russian women in places where they gather. Apart from bemoaning the lack of Russian men in social atmospheres, they frequently recount their experiences, especially about what they endured with their first men in their lives - their fathers.

Despite being highly educated, moneyed, and successful, these women are distrustful of the relationships they would have with any Russian men because of what they went through. Itís still the same old story: they grew up witnessing the actions of their drunken fathers and all the horrors associated with it.

Stories vary, but the elements are similar. Mothers physically and verbally abused by inebriated husbands and siblings neglected with a side of financial securities which spur them to the vicious cycle of drinking themselves to oblivion.

The girls also noted that the local men are insecure and feel threatened by successful women like them. Russian women find that foreign men are easier to date, because when they get with them, they are treated as equals.

Depressing thoughts of bleak futures aside, many Russian women have decided to grab their lives with their own hands with respect to financial security, cynicism, and their dreams of fairy tale romance. For them, the answer is simple: marry foreign men.

With this, the market for marriage minded husbands has been created. Russian women sign up in droves to mail order bride sites, or collectively show up during international group tours. It is during these occasions that they have opportunities to meet and date foreign men.

A Foreign Affair, one of the biggest players in the industry has been profiting from this influx of Russian women interested in marriage minded foreign men. The definition of mail order brides is constantly evolving but, hopefully, it would no longer mean that these are women looking to marry foreign men purely for money and opportunities.

Do you think the fates of Russian women will be made better when they date and marry foreign men? Also, what other bad things do you hear about Russian men? Let me know through a comment below, or send me a message, and letís talk about it.
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