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Communication problem In my relationship.. need guidance..

Long-Distance Relationships Coping with geographical distance can make or break a LDR. Share your experiences and questions here.

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Old 10th September 2017, 4:04 PM   #1
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Communication problem In my relationship.. need guidance..

Me and my best friend are like together for 10 odd years aand we turned to couple 4 years back. After that i had to drop off distant place and for last three years maybe we just met 3 times and i had to put in all efforts to meet her whereas she wasn't even ready to skip class and i travelled hundreds of miles to meet her. Its not a problem though because i know someone has to put efforts to get things going. I love her after all she is best friend i have fallen for. I dont want to let go of her.. and cant stay as well.
Now a days she is online almost all time but rarely texts me moreover she doesn't reply me at times. When i find her online we chat for long time but is that it?? I dont deserve to receive text first?? Maybe over thinking. But i have asked her many a times we are having communication gaps we need to talk i cant have it without talking. We may fall prey to LDR if we dont fix it. And she is like yeah i know we must keep talking and ee talk for a day or two and yet things turn same again. Am i asking too much of it,? She is in hostel now so she has access to internet which may not have been case at her parents as they are strict. But why doesn't she reply? She likes all posts on instagram she is talking to many other people that while why not me? I know i may be just over thinking it but i cant help it out. I dont want to break out. I have hinted it to her many a times i might break off if we dont talk like dozens of times but its not working..
Maybe if someone could help? Please people i love her i dont want to loose US. Please. It hurts to see someone not reply with whom u talked until dawn from midnight
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Old 12th September 2017, 12:15 PM   #2
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Oh man! I can feel the hurt in your words. A LDR can be so frustrating, especially if you feel you are putting in all of the effort to make it work. I am praying you find peace in your heart, whether this relationship turns out for the positive or whether you both decide it might be best to move on. If you do decide to move on, I'm sure you will find someone since you seem like a loving and committed person.
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When will the distance end? If after 3 years of LDR if there is no end in sight she may simply be tired of it all.

If she's away from home & staying in a hostel, she's traveling. She's having fun. You have to expect people's communication will drop when they are away from home.

Have you told her you would like her to initiate contact more often?

When can you see each other again? Being together may help.
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Old 12th September 2017, 3:19 PM   #4
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Certainly the distance wont end soon. 5 more years as we are still studying and no one knows when placed where will we settle down.
We do try to meet once in a while but most certainly this time it will be some 7-8 months more.

i have told her to talk more often and its been many a times. almost 4 times i have asked her same thing .

And i dont have any idea if i can move on her. she might be last girl i fall in love with. because i cannot have that level of open relationship with anyone as with her, as she is my best friend, we know everything about each other. I know she cares as well but why not just drop a text once a day even a slight of hi helps me get through
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