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Found a postcard to his ex.

Cheating, Flirting, and Jealousy Being unfaithful to your significant other or suspect them of the same? Can't stand the way they flirt? Jealous? Discuss your experiences here.

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Old 7th January 2018, 12:05 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by Kaylee92 View Post
I went through his things because he bought postcards and didnít send any. I found that strange. I asked him about his post cards and he said he didnít send any yet. And I knew he did because he was adamant about buying them.

His ex is single. She isnít married and doesnít have a boyfriend. Dome if you may view it as snooping but I did find something. He doesnít mention her at all. When he did in the beginning he only said that when they dated she was way more in love with him when he was her.
Now that you have a clearer view, sounds like he gave you a bull sh*&&y song and dance about what really happened.

You are a fool if you believe that having each others passwords = trust.
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Old 7th January 2018, 12:17 PM   #17
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The note said ďI know Iíve done some childish things but all in all, I just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!.

I bought these post cards and well, I really didnít have anyone to send them to. Lie

I thought of you and thought maybe youíd appreciate it. .. and think of taking me back

Iíve changed a lot and I hope that it shows. Please give me a chance,

If you ever want to call me or anything youíre welcome to (:Ē
Please please please give me a chance...
After 2 years of dating this guy he is still hung up on his ex.
You can't just stick around and hope she goes away.
You are second best and that should never be good enough for anyone.
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Old 7th January 2018, 5:27 PM   #18
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Even worse now..,

Ger rid of him or you'll regret it.

If he mentions Paris again when you dump him, just tell him there are so many trees in Paris because the Germans like to park their tanks in the shade.
I promise henceforth, to be nice....until the time that I'm not so nice again. Then I'll be nice again for a brief period of time.
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Old 7th January 2018, 5:34 PM   #19
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We’ve been arguing about this ever since I brought it up to him.
I asked him why he felt the need to send her anything. He says they’re were always close friends and he knew she would appreciate it. He also said that if he can’t even been cool with his exes then that’s insecure. He does NOT speak to any other of his exes as far as I know. I’ve never found anything from them or any Sign of interaction. With her, I don’t know their deal. She’s pretty quiet. Meaning she doesn’t really bother us. I think they still have mutual friends and according to him she doesn’t say much to him.
I know he had her blocked on social media at one point. When I asked him why he said that it would get toxic between them and he blamed himself a lot saying he was immature when they dated and feels bad.
He says that it’s nothing romantic and that I’m immature. And that adults interact everyday normally when they break up.

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Old 7th January 2018, 5:38 PM   #20
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He says that itís nothing romantic and that Iím immature
Now he minimises your concerns and insults you...

And that adults interact everyday normally when they break up.
and then tells you total rubbish

I'm sorry, but I think you're done here...
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Old 8th January 2018, 12:28 AM   #21
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Originally Posted by Kaylee92 View Post
He says that itís nothing romantic and that Iím immature. And that adults interact everyday normally when they break up.
Hmmm... then he wont object if you want to chat with an ex boyfriend then? Maybe even meet up with one for lunch... after all, mature adults like your boyfriend would never feel insecure... Sorry, Kaylee, but the bf is feeding you a steaming pile of pure unadulterated BS and hoping you eat it with a stupid smile on your face. Don't be that girlfriend...
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Old 14th January 2018, 6:48 PM   #22
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I get the going you're quite young. Don't accept less than you deserve.

I would end it and leave him to grovel to his Ex who he clearly wants to connect with.
'Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to'
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